4 Ways to Scare away Dull, Rough Skin!


 Is your skin dull, rough, gloomy and, well, scary?!

Let’s fix that with one of 4 fea­tured facials which will soft­en and bright­en, and also please you with the aro­mat­ic scent of blue­ber­ries.

Fea­tured Facial #1 is the Boo-berry Facial. It’s a spook-tac­u­lar blend of blue­ber­ries, goji berries and yogurt — a per­fect potion for all skin types.

This facial offers a blend of gly­col­ic and sal­i­cylic acids to dis­solve dead skin cells and reveal a “fright­en­ing­ly” soft com­plex­ion.

Witch hazel improves skin tone and calms the skin while blue­ber­ries bring gloomy, ghoul­ish skin back to life.

The oth­er 4 facials are Pump­kin Cheese­cake, Spiced Cider and Orange Clove.  Each offers yum­my scents and vit­a­min-rich enzymes to exfo­li­ate that dull and rough upper lay­er of dead skin cells.  It’s fun AND healthy for your face.

These treat­ments nor­mal­ly cost $65 — a great val­ue at any time — but dur­ing the fall months, ask and receive for $5 off!  While I usu­al­ly choose the best enzymes and treat­ments for my clients’ skin con­di­tions, requests are tak­en! 

Call me TODAY to scare away your dull, rough skin!

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