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Here are a few reviews from clients that have touched me and have reminded me why I love what I do!


From Liz B., August 9, 2016 via Facebook:

“Do you mind if I don’t wear any makeup?”
“Oh! No, why would I care? But I didn’t realize you weren’t wearing any.”

If you’ve never had problem skin, this conversation between my husband and I before leaving to go out for the evening would seem like nothing. But for seven years I have struggled with horrible, deep, cystic acne. It’s painful, it’s embarrassing, and after seeing many a dermatologist, going on powerful prescriptions, altering my diet, lifestyle and more, I was still struggling. I couldn’t leave the house without a complete face of foundation, concealer, powder and blush. But after only TWO visits with Fern, life has changed. I haven’t worn makeup for ten straight days. I’ve gone to meetings with clients, concerts, my best friends bridal shower, even nights out with my husband and friends. NO MAKEUP!

I’ve posed for photos, had them tagged on instagram and facebook without a care. Because my skin is SO DIFFERENT! She recommended cleansers, toners and lotions that allowed my skin to breath, kept oils at bay, yet kept it naturally fresh and hydrated. The woman is magic. Do you know how many zits I have right now? NONE! When I came to see Fern for the first time just six weeks ago, I had 5 massive, deep, cystic zits, as well as older healing breakouts from the months prior that just would not clear up.

I’m SO excited I have found Fern, and I can’t wait to have her continue to heal my face and likewise my confidence.

From Brandi R., August 18, 2016

My experience with Fern was wonderful! I’m not big on facials because my previous experiences weren’t pleasant, but Fern definitely changed that. The entire process from start to finish was enjoyable; at one point I almost drifted off too sleep. She’s extremely gentle, personable and most important knowledgable. I am very happy I found her on Yelp and I cannot wait to go back!

From Kristen B, July 22, 2016 via Yelp:

I am sooo glad I found Fern on Yelp!! I called to make an appointment and she was able to see me the following day. I was in desperate need for a facial since it had been over 10 years since my last one. I started my search on Yelp for estheticians with no luck (every receptionist was very rude) until I found Fern. Just about a month and a half ago, I developed this dry/red patch on the left side around my lips and chin. I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it, even over the counter topical creams. Fern was so professional and sat down with me before my facial to go over in detail what my concerns were in regards to my skin. The facial itself was amazing (Signature Facial) and I had no idea I needed so many blackhead extractions. Gross! Lol My annoying and embarrassing dry/red patch is now GONE! Woo!! Afterwards, I felt so relaxed that I didn’t even want to drive home. The next day, Fern went out of her way to personally send me a text message asking how my skin was doing. I am definitely looking forward to my facial with her next month!

From Colleen B, August 22, 2016 via Yelp:

I had a Groupon for Faces by Fern and absolutely loved my experience. She has a wonderful place, very clean and comfortable. Fern is extremely friendly, gentle and very knowledgeable about her products and skincare. She does not try and push any products on you and I usually don’t buy anything but loved the cream she used on me that I ended up buying some of it and the prices are very good. I highly recommend Fern, you will love her facials and the skincare line she uses.

From Denise W., July 17, 2016 via Facebook:

It had been awhile, and I’m glad to went back to Fern for a wonderful facial. She’s got a gentle touch, keeps me informed about what she’s doing and the products she’s using and then makes recommendations for future face care. No hard sell. Fern cares about how you’re treating your skin. And, the shoulder and hand massages while your mask is on, are great too!

From Mary L., August 7, 2015 via Yelp:

Not only is Fern’s spa center serene & a perfect escape from the hustle & bustle we deal with, but she is just the kindest person. You immiediatley feel like you have known her forever & she really cares about you & your skin; as soon as she heard I have Celiac (allergic to wheat/gluten), she got on the phone with her products company (Skin Script) to make sure nothing she would be using on my face contained wheat.  As far as my facials, I have had the best results with her treatments. My skin looks more hydrated, glow-y & I consistently get compliments on my face! You’re in excellent hands with Fern.

From Frankee F., July 17, 2014 via Yelp:

My girl was talking about wanting to get a facial so it made me think that would be a good idea for her upcoming birthday. So I used Good Ole Yelp! Well Yelp did not disappoint. ..I found Fern!  Like any smart buyer, I had to try out the goods first before I could take my partner in crime there.   I booked an appointment for myself and my teenage son. What a great decision!  Both my son and I were treated like Kings! The signature facial was amazing and did wonders for my face and my sons. Besides her working on my face she also gave my shoulders a nice massage.  It was very relaxing experience. I felt like a million bucks. Fern is very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to your skin type and the products you should use. I took my girlfriend there and I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to look good and feel good. I will be back.  Thanks Fern!!!!