Facial Treatments

Facial and skin care products in North Hollywood

Facial Treatments include:

A complete assessment of your skin is done during each session. We begin with double cleansing & steam followed by exfoliation with a fruit enzyme or a chemical peel. After, you will receive thorough blemish extractions as well as a facial, neck & shoulder massage. We end with a specialized mask, moisturizer & sun protection.

Signature Facial 

Our signature treatment for refreshing tired skin and decongesting problem skin.  A variety of fruit enzymes are used to remove dead skin to brighten, hydrate, soothe and purify your pores. Blemish extractions are included. This facial is appropriate for all skin types. Issues of sun damage, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, active acne and breakouts may be better served with chemical peels and will be discussed at your appointment. Ideal for men too! 1 hour, $75

Rejuvenation Facial 

Advanced treatment for issues of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, breakouts and acne scarring using chemical peels especially selected for your skin condition. First time clients begin with a Signature Facial to determine sensitivities before a chemical peel is performed.  1 hour, $95

Ultrasonic Rejuvenation

Ultrasonic rejuvenation uses sound waves to gently remove dead skin cells to hydrate, plump and firm.  Your treatment begins with the Rejuvenation Facial (see above) and then continues with ultrasonic infusion of concentrated anti-oxidants, vitamins and collagen-boosting actives to give your skin a noticeable glow. Ultrasonic facials are beneficial for acne management, aging skin, dry and dehydrated skin, sun damage, rosacea and sensitive skins and will be adapted to your skin’s needs.  1 hour, $125

The Benefits:

Softens wrinkles and fine lines

Stimulates collagen generation

Improves appearance of discolorations including acne scars

Removes dead skin cells to brighten skin

Smooths and softens surface texture

3-in-1 Trio Facial

This elite treatment combines a chemical peel, crystal-free/diamond microdermabrasion and ultrasonic rejuvenation to minimize pores, smooth your skin’s texture, brighten and restore a radiance for beautiful and healthy-looking skin.  Your treatment begins with a light peel and diamond microdermabrasion to smooth and soften texture and refine your pores.  Next, enjoy a relaxing facial massage, followed by ultrasonic infusion of more hydration and collagen-boosting actives into the deeper layers of skin.  Your skin will feel plump and have a glow that makes you feel beautiful! Extractions included. Not recommended for active acne or inflamed skin conditions. 1 hour 15 min, $150

Crystal Microdermabrasion Facial

Your treatment begins with the Rejuvenation Facial protocol and is combined with the exfoliating benefits of crystal microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion combined with a chemical peel exfoliates cellular buildup and dehydration to help slow oil production, refine the pores, reduce breakouts and lift away layers of dull, dead skin cells. This advanced treatment benefits sun damaged skin, acne and acne scarring, enlarged pores, lines and age spots.  70 min, $125, Express Microdermabrasion(without peel) : 1 hour, $95

Teen Facial 

The Benefits:

Remove dead skin cells to improve oil flow which helps diminish breakouts.

Reduce blemishes and help prevent scarring.

Refine pores, soften and smooth surface texture.

Good advice, easy to use products and just a little attention during the day is all it takes to improve acne.  Teen facials help manage breakouts, prevent scarring, teach your teen to develop healthy skin care habits and build confidence.  This deep cleansing and extraction treatment includes a consultation and skin assessment and may also be upgraded to include a light peel as needed.  50 minutes, $65

Deep Pore Express Treatment (for Acne Skins)

A targeted facial treatment – for on-going clients – to help extract blemishes and manage oil production.  Regular deep pore cleansing has been proven to improve acne when paired with specialized and effective home care for problem skin. For teens or others with active acne. If you are a new client, choose either the Teen Facial or the Signature Facial.  30 minutes, $50

Express Facial

This is a pick-me-up for those with limited time.   An  express service that gives you a thorough cleanse, exfoliation customized for  your skin, essential extractions and you’re out the door.  30 min, $50

Bliss Me Out! Spa Facial

Emphasis on relaxation and calm, this luxurious treatment is the same as the Signature Facial along with a fruit enzyme peel on hands and feet, an aromatherapy (paraffin-alternative) dip, warm mitts and light massage.  90 min, $140

Back Facial

A relaxing spa treatment,  this service begins with dry brushing to encourage your body’s own detoxification. Reduces impurities and encourages calm and restfulness.  Includes light massage and extractions as needed. 1 hour, $95

Ingrown Hair Treatment for Keratosis Pilaris 

Treatment for bumps and ingrowns common with this skin condition.  Includes a double peel for exfoliation and hydration.  The area is then deeply hydrated to finish.  Keratosis pilaris is usually found on the upper arms and thighs. Treatment will be done for upper arms OR upper legs, not both at same appointment. Recommendations for home care are given at time of your appointment. 30 min, $45