Healthy Sun Care Habits

Healthy sun care is about more than sun screen and it’s a habit we must pri­or­i­tize, sim­i­lar to good nutri­tion and exer­cise rou­tines. It’s hard! But it’s real­ly about keep­ing our bod­ies healthy.

Most of us — if we even remem­ber — squeeze out and slap on a lit­tle spf lotion and for­get about it for the rest of the day.  And hard­ly any­one remem­bers to reap­ply more when we are out­side for extend­ed peri­ods of time.

Here is an excel­lent arti­cle from Advanced Reju­ve­nat­ing Con­cepts (ARC), a line of advanced skin care prod­ucts that I’m proud to car­ry on my shelves.  Are You Prac­tic­ing Good Sun Care Habits?

There’s more than just sun screen, though, that you can do to pro­tect your skin — your cloth­ing is your first line of defense.  Cloth­ing pro­tects us by absorb­ing or block­ing much of the UV radi­a­tion.

My go-to web­site for learn­ing more about healthy sun care habits is The Skin Can­cer Foun­da­tion.   Read more about pro­tec­tive mea­sures against too much sun expo­sure here.     Click around their site — it has many great arti­cles.