Healthy Sun Care Habits

Healthy sun care is about more than sun screen and it’s a habit we must prioritize, similar to good nutrition and exercise routines. It’s hard! But it’s really about keeping our bodies healthy.

Most of us – if we even remember – squeeze out and slap on a little spf lotion and forget about it for the rest of the day.  And hardly anyone remembers to reapply more when we are outside for extended periods of time.

Here is an excellent article from Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts (ARC), a line of advanced skin care products that I’m proud to carry on my shelves.  Are You Practicing Good Sun Care Habits?

There’s more than just sun screen, though, that you can do to protect your skin – your clothing is your first line of defense.  Clothing protects us by absorbing or blocking much of the UV radiation.

My go-to website for learning more about healthy sun care habits is The Skin Cancer Foundation.   Read more about protective measures against too much sun exposure here.     Click around their site – it has many great articles.