You know you’ll to be eating richer, sugar and carb-laden foods over these next couple of weeks. You’ll be partying and getting less sleep, entertaining more.  And you also know….your skin’s likely to show it.  Here’s a quick holiday skin survival guide to keep your skin happy.

How to combat the 3 S’s:  Sleep, Stress, Sugar:

1.  Take the time to cleanse your skin 2x daily for ONE MINUTE. 


2.  Remove make-up before bed – NO EXCUSES!

3.  Stay hydrated – Drink a lot of water, especially between those holiday cocktails. If water isn’t your drink of choice, give non-sugared carbonated water a try – it’s very refreshing and is a tasty way to increase your daily water intake.
4.  Get 8 hours or more of sleep every evening.  This practice goes a long way towards overall good health. 
5.  Don’t roll your eyes, but have you thought about meditation for stress relief?  I had the same reaction when a friend recommended Insight Timer app to me.  I’ve found this app to be a helpful resource for relaxing music, talks and yes – guided meditation.  Small breaks each day for this stress-relieving activity is so relaxing, so welcome.  Don’t we deserve 5-15 minutes of down time?  Yes, we do!
6.  Buy & have on hand a simple mud or clay mask.  Try “Queen Helene” brand. Apply on any breakout right away to draw out toxins and to dry out the blemish. It’s a good idea to use this type of mask several times daily and it’s ok to keep on overnight.

7.  If you have painful, red breakouts – remember, this is an area of inflammation and what’s good for inflammation? ICE. Put ice in a soft towel and place on area for a few minutes. You may repeat as often as needed. Follow with a mud mask. DO NOT extract these since doing this will cause scarring and possibly worsen the infection.

8.  Do not self-extract. Exception: If there is a “head” on the pimple and it seems ready to open up, cleanse gently and place a warm towel on the area to soften skin, then with 2 q-tips, pull the skin away from the area.  Usually, the infection inside will release. Dab with a wet, warm towel and immediately place a bit of mud/clay mask to further dry out the blemish.

9.  Call me!  I can help with a quick extraction!  Or text with questions.  (My phone number is above.)  And of course – don’t forget about your skin treatments.  Even a quick, 30-minute deep pore cleansing treatment is helpful for getting rid of dead skin, bacteria and congestion.  Let me know how I can help you.

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