Resurfacing and Rebuilding Your Skin

That’s when a Micro-Needling Treat­ment may be the best choice.

The Ben­e­fits…  Micro-needling will:

*Reduce the appear­ance of fine lines and wrin­kles.

*Min­i­mize pores and acne scars.

*Improve the sur­face tex­ture.

*Firm, tight­en and lift the skin.

Micro-Needling is referred to as a non-inva­sive face-lift alter­na­tive.

How does it work?  

Micro-needling uses tiny poly-car­bon­ate nee­dles to cre­ate micro-chan­nels in the skin.  This stim­u­lates your skin’s nat­ur­al abil­i­ty to heal itself and in turn, pro­duces col­la­gen and elastin.  New col­la­gen and elastin cre­ates a thick­er and firmer skin and soft­ens lines and wrin­kles.

The repair process begins almost imme­di­ate­ly. There is no tis­sue destruc­tion with micro-needling. The small chan­nels in the epi­der­mis close very quick­ly and the skin begins a heal­ing response right away.

These super­fi­cial micro-chan­nels also allow a spe­cial­ized serum to be pushed into your skin dur­ing the treat­ment. The most com­mon serum I use is a Hyaluron­ic serum for deep hydra­tion.  This means that the self-repair­ing prop­er­ty of the skin is a 100% nat­ur­al form of skin renew­al from the inside out.

To con­clude, there are two ways to repair and revi­tal­ize your skin.  One is to resur­face and the oth­er is to rebuild.  The choice depends on the 2 most impor­tant fac­tors:  Time and Cost.  And also, what best suits your skin.

I often per­form a series of peels to jump-start a client’s skin, but I usu­al­ly see clients once month­ly for their full facial which includes a peel and extrac­tions.

Micro-needling can show a good result after just one treat­ment, but is rec­om­mend­ed as a series of 8 treat­ments because it teach­es the skin to reju­ve­nate and rebuild.  

If you know you need some­thing but you’re not sure what — come in for a com­pli­men­ta­ry 15 minute skin analy­sis. Call me at 818–422-3381 to sched­ule.  

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