The Little Extras

 Consider these add-ons to your facial for an extra treat:

Extra Massage

$5 for each 5 minutes added (neck/shoulders, feet/lower legs, hands/arms)

Decolletage Treatment

Treatment for the decolletage/chest area as part of your facial. $20

Decolletage Microdermabrasion

Extend the results of your crystal microdermabrasion facial to your decolletage/chest area. $25

Eye Treatment

An exfoliating and hydrating treatment for tired, dry and flaky skin around the eyes.  Includes a light peel, lymphatic massage and hydrating peptides to soften wrinkles, stimulate circulation and improve tissue strength.  Done as part of your facial treatment.  $10

Paraffin Dip

Your hands or feet are encased in warm, soothing eco-friendly paraffin-alternative made with 100% natural plant-based emollients and pure essential oils, placed into heated, herbal mittens/booties, then later massaged.  $20, $35 for both.

Exfoliation For Your Hands & Feet

Your hands or feet are gently exfoliated with a cleansing scrub, followed by a fruit enzyme peel to remove dry skin.  Your hands or feet are then gently massaged and encased in a heated herbal mittens/booties. $25 for hands OR feet, $45 for both.