Tips to help Winter Dryness During the Holidays!

Holiday Skin Care Survival Guide


Here’s a bunch of tips for those of you suf­fer­ing from win­ter dry­ness, thanks to the won­der­ful Skin Script Skin Care edu­ca­tor, Dave Wag­goner.  Here’s what he has to say.….

It’s the hol­i­days, com­plete with food and drinks and too much to do on too lit­tle sleep, all tak­ing place dur­ing a some­times harsh, win­try weath­er sea­son. The end result: Just when you want to look spark­ly and ter­rif­ic, your skin gets the hol­i­day blues.

The cul­prit? Stress! From dark cir­cles under the eyes to a decid­ed­ly “green in the gills” com­plex­ion to bloat­ed, puffy, swollen eyes and zits when you least expect it. For many, sea­son­al skin-stress prob­lems can abound.

Stress can con­tribute to or wors­en pso­ri­a­sis, acne and oth­er skin con­di­tions. While it is some­times unavoid­able dur­ing the hol­i­day sea­son, tak­ing steps to man­age stress, such as exer­cise, eat­ing right or using relax­ation tech­niques like med­i­ta­tion or yoga can help to make you feel more relaxed and may just improve the look of your skin as well.

If you are prone to acne it could hap­pen more fre­quent­ly, but even if you have great skin, hol­i­day stress — or any stress — can cause your skin to break out.

Though pre­ven­tive mea­sures can help, the inevitable “skin hang­over” is still bound to occur. More alco­hol, com­bined with rich­er, usu­al­ly salti­er foods, plus a lot less sleep, can come togeth­er to give you a bloat­ed, puffy look, par­tic­u­lar­ly the day after a night of hol­i­day cheer.

Skin-stress that appears dur­ing the hol­i­days, includ­ing some dark cir­cles, can be the result of a lack of mois­ture, par­tic­u­lar­ly if you live in a cold­er cli­mate and are exposed to indoor heat­ing. Once you begin drink­ing alco­hol, you add to the dry­ness.

What can help: Increas­ing the mois­ture lev­el in your skin. One way around the prob­lem is to use a rich­er, more emol­lient mois­tur­iz­er, begin­ning right at the start of the hol­i­day sea­son. Also, drink lots of water.

Peo­ple are known to drink more alco­hol dur­ing the hol­i­days than any time of the year. Wak­ing up the next day dehy­drat­ed can not only affect your body, but your skin as well. Try to min­i­mize your alco­hol intake and drink more than the rec­om­mend­ed 8 glass­es of water a day.

Avoid the temp­ta­tion to go to bed with­out remov­ing your make-up. This can clog pores and oil glands and end up caus­ing irri­ta­tion and blem­ish­es. Take a few min­utes to clean off all your make-up.

Exer­cise! Not only is exer­cise a good stress reliev­er, it helps increase the oxy­gen to your skin and can keep you look­ing younger. Find a stress reliev­ing exer­cise pro­gram that you enjoy and make it a part of your daily/weekly to do list. You might find it help­ful to sched­ule your exer­cise in your cal­en­dar just like you would sched­ule any oth­er impor­tant appoint­ment.

Take time for your­self — There may be pres­sure to be every­thing to every­one. Remem­ber that you’re only one per­son and can only accom­plish cer­tain things. Some­times self-care is the best thing you can do — oth­ers will ben­e­fit when you’re stress- free. Go for a long walk, get a mas­sage or take time out to lis­ten to your favorite music or read a new book.

All of us need some time to recharge our bat­ter­ies — by slow­ing down you will actu­al­ly have more ener­gy to accom­plish your goals.  And…don’t for­get to sched­ule your relax­ing, nour­ish­ing facial!

Here’s to enjoy­ing a stress-free Hol­i­day Sea­son!  Thanks again to Dave Wag­goner, Edu­ca­tor, Skin Script Skin Care