Skincare Tips for Men

Skincare Tips for Men

“I gotta stay focused and take care of my skin.” [said in an interview with BET]” - Kevin Hart

How often have you heard that skin care is just part of a woman’s beauty routine? Well, news flash, it’s not! Just as much as women’s skin need some TLC every day, so does a man’s. Skin care for men can look a little different, and not just because some have a beard covering half their face [More on how to shave properly, below].

How Men's Skin is Different Than Women's

Oftentimes, the skin on a male can be tougher than female’s, due to the presence of more collagen, stimulated by male hormones called androgens. In fact, men’s skin is about 25% thicker than woman’s.The extra collagen is also why men usually show signs of aging 15 years later than women. Even so, aging is inevitable, so that’s why a skincare routine to slow the process is helpful for men, too.

Here are some of my top tips for your most handsome skin, yet.

Bar Soap Does Not Equal Facial Cleanser

Scrubs and cleansers with exfoliating ingredients are helpful to soften rough texture and keep the skin healthy, young, and strong. Just keep in mind that not all products are created equal, and you can’t use just anything on your face. That includes bar soap! They are usually packed with ingredients (like drying and irritating chemicals and fragrances!) that will do more harm than good. Ditch using those convenient-yet-slippery little rectangles on your face, and opt for a professional product loaded with benefits and none of the bad stuff.

Consider the Product Label

The best way to know you are getting a good skin care product is by checking the label. Before buying, search the back of the bottle for commonly known irritating ingredients such as: sulfates, fragrance, alcohol, oils, and colorants. These can cause redness, dehydration, itchiness and worse yet- acne! Contact me to learn about these pore-clogging ingredients.

Wear Sunscreen

Since excess sun exposure is one of the number one causes of premature aging, SPF is important- especially for the men working hard outdoors all day! That’s not the only reason you want to see sunscreen on every guy’s bathroom counter: Men are 2x more likely to develop skin cancer than women. That should be more than enough reason to slather on a golf ball sized amount on each appendage, regularly- along with wearing a hat and protective clothing, of course!

Moisturize Daily

Moisturizer is not only for my dry-skinned friends, but even those guys with oily skin can benefit from a moisturizer. Adding moisture can help tell your skin that producing excess oil isn’t necessary. Start using a cream with helpful ingredients (like one of my favorites by ARC brand) daily to start to see a difference. Be sure to go back and check those ingredient lists first, before buying! Moisturizers, especially those from OTC (over the counter) brands, can have ingredients that cause or worsen acne.

Unfortunately, acne also does not discriminate between genders. Especially during puberty, when a boy’s sebaceous (oil) glands kick into high gear, that’s when he is most likely going to see some eruptions in his skin. Many of my Clear Skin Boot Camp clients are males seeking my help to achieve clear skin.

Shave Properly

As promised, here are some shaving tips to help you or the man in your life avoid shaving irritation and razor bumps:

  • Cleanse before shaving
  • Use a new, clean, high-quality, single-blade razor, or a clean, sanitized electric shaver.
  • Use shaving products that won’t irritate your skin- check the ingredients for pore-clogging ingredients!
  • Shave slowly and don’t use too much pressure- let the razor do the work! Do not shave against the grain.
  • Pat dry with a clean towel- Avoid scrubbing hard on freshly shaven skin.
  • Finish off with your moisturizer and SPF!

I hope you can see how important it is to care for male skin. I offer many treatment services that are perfect for male skin, such as my Signature Facial- tailored just for you!

Thanks to all the Dad’s out there who are setting a healthy skin example for their kids! I appreciate you and your dedication to caring for yourself and your family. 

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Thanks to Face Reality, and for the science and research to back up these interesting facts and tips.