Facials include professional skin analysis to provide tailored recommendations for future treatments and homecare guidance to maintain and extend your results.

Faces by Fern Los Angeles, CA Esthetician Working with a Client


Complimentary, 15 minutes

Is Clear Skin Boot Camp right for you? Do you have other skin issues and don't know what service to schedule, or are confused about which products are best for your skin? Let's talk!

$95, 30-45 minutes with Fern

Spend an in-person visit to discuss a treatment plan for skin improvement and overall health. Meant for aging/changing skin.

Acne or Rosacea

$125, 30-45min

A purifying treatment for those with chronic acne including blackheads & whiteheads. Deep cleansing, professional exfoliation/peel & gentle, thorough extractions. You'll also receive education & coaching about acne-safe practices & home care. If you have Inflamed acne, select the Blue LED add-on for 30 min. Blue light reduces redness, inflammation, and bacteria. Please add this when scheduling your treatment to reserve the correct amount of time. GREAT FOR TEENS!

$360; Bundle of three 45min treatments.

May be applied to face OR chest treatment.

To receive the discount of $15 off 3 facials, this series must be paid in full at the first visit. Discount will be applied at checkout. Add-on LED is $30 per session. Pre-scheduling is required.

*Not part of the Clear Skin Boot Camp Program. Boot Camp Members already receive discounted treatments and are not eligible for this discount.

$125, 45min

Receive a specialty back-acne peel to fight bacteria inside the pores and remove dead skin cell build-up. Regular, gentle exfoliation results in improved product absorption. Extractions are done on as many of the clogged pores as are ready. Extractions help to speed the healing of inflamed pustules. Please bring a clean loose cotton top to put on after treatment, and plan to stay out of the sun the rest of the day.

Signature Facials

$140, 75min

If you've never had a facial before-this is for you! It's a personalized treatment for your skin's issues & includes skin analysis, exfoliation with a fruit enzyme peel, light massage and essential extractions, a specialized mask, and moisture & sun protection. Ideal for men too! You'll leave with recommendations for at-home care and what treatments to have next visit based on your skin analysis. Inflamed acne must schedule an Acne Relief Facial.

$250, 90 minutes

Designed for aging/changing skin with an emphasis on relaxation & calm. This lux­u­ri­ous 90-minute treatment includes professional exfoliation, neck and shoulder massage, Red LED light therapy for firming and collagen synthesis, and a warming plant-based aromatherapy dip on hands & feet, followed by a massage.

Please note that this treatment does not include extractions.


$150, 75-90min

Once your skin is clear from active breakouts, this treatment helps address hyperpigmentation from old acne and aids in maintaining clear skin. Involves a manual exfoliation technique known as dermaplaning that removes fine facial hair along with dead skin cells. The Dermaplaning Facial also includes a hydration enzyme or light peel, light extractions (if needed), and LED (to reduce inflammation). RECOMMENDED FOR RESILIENT SKIN WITHOUT ACTIVE ACNE.

$175, 60 minutes

Renew your skin with a gentle diamond tip exfoliation with added serums plus an enzyme peel. A less abrasive alternative to crystal microdermabrasion that will make you love your skin again! Light neck and shoulder massage included.

$155, 60 minutes

The rejuvenating power of both an enzyme and a chemical peel and spe­cial­ized serums. Skin analysis at the time of your service determines the course of treatment. SERIES of 3-6 recommended for pigmentation & texture improvement. Ask for series pricing.


Your skin will be renewed with the removal of superficial dead skin cells which visibly reduces fine lines, pigmentation, acne scarring & sun damage. Helpful for oily skin. Includes a light peel appropriate for your skin, extractions, spe­cial­ized mask, serums & moisture.

$75, aprox. 30min

A quick facial for those with clear skin. Includes cleanse, professional exfoliation, and essential extractions during this 30-35 min treatment. If you have acne, please select Acne Relief Facial or consider the Clear Skin Boot Camp.

$250, 100 minutes

This facial uses advanced technology to deeply infuse a brightening peel which helps remove dead, pigmented skin cells. This means more cellular turnover and brighter, smoother skin! Includes extractions and more infusion of nourishing serums plus LED Red Light Therapy to speed healing, decrease inflammation and improve texture & firmness. Add $45 to include dermaplaning exfoliation. Painless, with an afterglow you'll love!

Add-On Services

+$25, +15 minutes

Your skin will be matched for the correct (acne-safe) foundation for your skin tone. The fee will be waived when you purchase one or more items. Only offered as an add-on to a facial appointment.

+$55, +30 minutes

A good alternative to waxing - it's painless! Great for special occasions - brightens your skin and leaves your makeup with smooth finish.

+$45, +20 minutes

Involves a manual exfoliation technique that removes fine facial hair along with dead skin cells. No downtime and no suction inherent in microdermabrasion. The peel that follows will work better since dead cells are gone! You'll see immediate results and improvement in texture and tone. Safe for all ethnicities, ages, pregnant or nursing women. Your makeup will go on beautifully and you'll love how smooth & soft your skin feels afterward! Truly addictive.

+$30, +30min

For inflamed and cystic acne. Low-level blue light therapy is safe and effective at destroying acne-causing bacteria, clearing up blemishes and is helpful with facial/skin redness. Improves tone, texture and clarity. 30 min. REQUIRED add-on for inflamed acne clients during boot camp treatments. Includes a cleanse and finishing moisture/spf.

+$30, +30min

Make the most of your time here with red LED Light Therapy. It stimulates collagen, improves texture and firmness, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and decreases inflammation. The more you repeat the process - the better for your skin. Ask about owning your own LED device for at-home use. Added at end of your service.

+$25, +15 minutes

Add-on to any facial. Eyebrow shaping or cleanup with hard wax. If tweezing requested: $35

+$25, +15min

Extend your facial treatment to your neck, upper shoulders and chest.

Hands +$40 (with Forearms +$95), +15min

Diamond tip microdermabrasion OR a peel for the backs of the hands and/or the forearms to loosen flakey skin and stained, pigmented skin cells. Brightening and smoothing.

+$25, +15min

Includes mid-brow wax or tweeze, brow trim, ear hair wax and nostril hair trim.