Brows, Waxing & Makeup

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Brows & Makeup

+$25, +15 minutes

Your skin will be matched for the correct (acne-safe) foundation for your skin tone. The fee will be waived when you purchase one or more items. Only offered as an add-on to a facial appointment. Please note: this is a partial application to find your correct shade. This is not a full-face makeup application.

$120, 45 minutes


Achieve a polished appearance with beautifully styled and defined eyebrows with lamination, shaping, and tinting.

Brow lamination will give you fuller, fluffier brows that are easy to maintain, and your brows will be shaped to your desired look and tinted to complement your natural hair color.

This package is available at a special introductory price for a limited time.

Add-on to any facial.

Shaping or cleanup with hard wax. $25

No wax, just tweezing, $35

  • Brow Wax

    20 min. Shaping or cleanup with hard wax. Tweezing only: $35 $25
  • Chin Wax

    5 min. $10
  • Lip Wax

    5 min $15
  • Ears

    5 min. Waxed w/trimming, as needed $10
  • Forehead

    5 min. $20
  • Full Face

    20 min. Includes: chin, upper lip, sides of face & forehead, no brows $45
  • Men's Grooming Bundle

    15 min. Includes mid-brow wax or tweeze, brow trim, ear hair wax and nostril hair trim $25
  • Sideburns

    10 min. for women $20
  • Tummy

    10 min. for women $20
  • Underarms

    10 min. $20

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a standard business practice to hold your appointment with a credit card number. We want to know that you are as serious as we are about your skin.

$95, 30-45 minutes with Fern

Spend an in-person visit to discuss a treatment plan for skin improvement and overall health. Meant for aging/changing skin.