Acne Face and Body Scrub

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Banish facial and body breakouts with this powerful scrub cleanser containing 2.5% benzoyl peroxide from Face Reality Skincare.

Benzoyl peroxide penetrates pores to fight acne-causing bacteria, unclog the pores, and prevent future comedones. 

Natural cellulose beads gently exfoliate the skin to reveal smooth and clear skin and your highest level of head-to-toe confidence.

Key Benefits:

  • Exfoliates
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory

Apply a dime size amount of cleanser onto damp skin, working around the face in light, circular, upward motions for 30-60 seconds and massage into a light foaming lather. Finish by rinsing thoroughly with tepid water and patting dry. This cleanser should not be used to remove eye makeup.

Active ingredient: 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide Inactive Ingredients: Purified water, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Glycerin, Cellulose Acetate, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide

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