Faces by Fern uses a unique hard wax with exotic coconut for nearly painless experience even on the most sensitive areas of the face and body.  With titanium dioxide, this creamy wax actively reduces skin redness, helps reduce the occurrence of breakouts and reactions and is gentle on your skin. The beauty about hard wax is that it adheres to your hair, not your skin.  Also used is a creamy strip wax which releases more easily from the skin than other strip waxes, helps prevent redness and is perfect for sensitive or mature skins.

Brows $20
Mid-Brow $5
Lip OR Chin $10
Ears $10
Forehead $15
Sideburns $10
Full Face $40 (not including brows)
Underarms, $15
Tummy $20
Half Arms $20

Men’s Grooming Package: Includes mid-brow wax, brow trim, ear wax and nostril trim. $25

Brow Trim $5: trimming of the brows. No waxing.