Faces by Fern uses a unique hard wax with exot­ic coconut for near­ly pain­less expe­ri­ence even on the most sen­si­tive areas of the face and body.

With tita­ni­um diox­ide, this creamy wax active­ly reduces skin red­ness, helps reduce the occur­rence of break­outs and reac­tions and is gen­tle on your skin. The beau­ty about hard wax is that it adheres to your hair, not your skin.

Also used is a creamy strip wax which releas­es more eas­i­ly from the skin than oth­er strip wax­es, helps pre­vent red­ness and is per­fect for sen­si­tive or mature skins. Most wax­ing is for women & above the waist.

See list of wax­ing ser­vices here — click on “wax­ing.”