Oily Skincare Kit

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This kit features a full skincare routine to control oiliness while adding hydration to minimize irritation. These products don't contain pore-clogging ingredients and are safe for acne.

"How do I know if my skin is oily?" You'll know if you experience oiliness 1-3 hours after your morning cleanse. Combination skin feels oily 4-6 hours later
and would also be a good candidate for this kit.

Oily skin benefits from added hydration, especially if your skin is dehydrated (water-dry). Since dehydrated skin signals your sebaceous (oil) glands to lubricate the skin's surface with more oil production, we want to help you control the oil.

Save $10 when purchased as a kit!

Kit includes the following (click product for info):

Mandelic Face and Body Wash - Minimizes discolorations over time

Moisture Balance Toner - Hydrating & healing

Hydrabalance Gel - Reduces the shine & regulates the oil production

Clearderma Moisturizer - Adds moisture for healthy skin

Daily SPF 30 LotionLightweight,  Broad spectrum & Antioxidant-rich 

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