At-Home Exfoliation Kit

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This kit is NOT for skin with active acne, sensitive skin, or rosacea or for skin with visible capillaries at the surface.

For optimal results, this kit is recommended for use on a rough texture, dry or flaky skin, and aging skin with visible pores and discolorations. It can also help improve brightness and add a healthy glow to the skin.

If your skin needs a jumpstart, use this kit for 3 consecutive nights to encourage a "peel and reveal" result! 

Save $10 when you purchase as a kit! 


Melanin Cleanser to address hyperpigmentation and discoloration

Revitalizing Scrub for gentle dislodging of dead skin cells before the peel

Cranberry Peel for a 9.5% glycolic exfoliation - it will tingle, but not too much!

Regenerating Cream for a peptide boost for new skin cell growth 


Good to know:

* Use as your at-home exfoliation ritual 2-3 times weekly.


* Remember to use your sunscreen daily and reapply when outside

* Apply the scrub using gentle pressure 

* Wait 5 minutes after applying the Cranberry Peel to allow absorption

* Follow with the Regenerating Cream

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